Mad As Hell

With Reporter/Commentator Tim Watts

Video Documentaries

The following are some of the best video documentaries out there that reveal the world as it really is, a criminal element interwoven into the very fabric of our world, a malevolent entity that has been purposefully hidden from all of us by the corporate mainstream media. Please watch the following and be prepared to have your paradigm shifted. For more great videos, see

The 1934 Fascist Coup On FDR

Wake Up Call

Aaron Russo: From Freedom To Fascism

The American Dream (Story of the Federal Reserve)

Ben Swann: More Americans Are "Rethinking" 9/11?

Naomi Wolf: The End of America

Aaron Russo: Mad As Hell

Naomi Klein: The Shock Doctrine

The Shock Doctrine Documentary

The Corporation

These are but just a few well-researched documentary films that are available to the public... that our corporate mainstream media is uninterested in showing you. This fact in itself should tell you something about the corporate mainstream media and its roll in society. The media is not here to tell you the complete truth - just the truth that their fat-cat billionaire ownership wants you to know.


There is much in this world that has been hidden from us, to keep us oppressed. The march is to a global rule by the ultra-rich pariahs of this world - the new world order. We did not sign off on this. It was never put to a vote of the people, which would suggest that it is not something that people might willingly accept -  because fascism never is.


More Video:

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