Mad As Hell

With Reporter/Commentator Tim Watts

Corporate News Control Makes You Deaf, Dumb And Blind

It's important to know and understand about news control. The US corporate media was taken over shortly after the Federal Reserve System came into existence, when JP Morgan bought up, or bought into, the top 25 newspapers of the day. This was noted in 1917 in the official US Congressional Record by Congressman Oscar Calloway.


In the 1950's the CIA began Operation Mockingbird, a program that recruited over 400 top news people, including Walter Lippman, Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite. The purpose was to control the information flow, to keep people from seeing the whole story, or the real story for that matter. The program was also used to deliver widespread disinformation to an unsuspecting US public.


In 1975, the Church Commission uncovered the plan, but it was quickly swept under the rug in 1976 by incoming CIA Director, George HW Bush.

Today, our network news anchors and reporters are members of the CFR.


Our US media has been consolidated. All television, radio, and newspapers are owned by a mere six corporations.

That means that six men, six CEO's, get to tell you what is news, and conversely... what isn't.  They hide the incriminating news they don't want you to see - and then they spin the rest.


That's news control. It's antithetical to a republic/democracy - and it's wrong!

Mainstream Media Are Accessories To Crime

Nothing today can be pulled off without having the media in your back pocket. No large crime of state is possible without a servile media to ask the soft question or to look the other way entirely. The corp- mainstream media is the enabler for all crimes of state. They are accessories to these crimes and as such should be held criminally responsible for their own willful negligence of their duty as a watchdog over our republic. They are guilty of treason for their collusions with crime.