Mad As Hell

With Reporter/Commentator Tim Watts

Nicknamed 'Old Hickory.'  Jackson was a veteran of the American Revolutionary War and also the War of 1812.


The 7th president of the United States and one of the few  to ever stand against the international banking cartel.


Jackson was responsible for vetoing the 2nd National Bank in 1932. He withdrew all US funds in 1933, effectively killing the bank and angering the international bankers.


As a result, in January 1835, Jackson paid off the entire national debt, the only time in US history that has been accomplished. This was not something the international bankers wanted to see, because it meant a stronger US.


An assassin was sent to murder Jackson, but divine intervention prevailed and Jackson was saved as both of the gunman's pistols failed to fire.


The bankers were left to plot an overthrow of the US.


Jackson would roll in his grave if he only knew that his likeness was featured on the US twenty dollar bill, a fiat currency note from the 3rd national bank that he fought to prevent.

President Andrew Jackson