Mad As Hell

With Reporter/Commentator Tim Watts

The Greatest American Hero That This Country Doesn't Even Know About

Major-General Smedley D. Butler

This is the true story of one man who single-handidly uncovered and exposed a fascist coup on the United States, rebuffing a takeover of the country by the international banking cartel and ultra-wealthy treasonous US families. This story is not printed in our school books and history books because this is the one man that beat the powers that be. He saved America from their fascist coup...and for that, they hate him.

Maj-Gen. Smedley Butler reads a statement about the coup to the press.

If you're looking to wake people up about the hidden history of the US, this is the bombshell that has been hidden from everyone. The McComack-Dickstein Committee investigated in 1934 and found the entire plot to be true. Butler's testimony was supported by New York Evening Post and Philadelphia Record reporter Paul Comley French,  however, the rich families were allowed to go unprosecuted.  Those said to be part of the plot were a whose who of the rich... DuPont, Remington, Harriman, and even Prescott Bush, to name just a few. Backing for the coup was rumored to have come from ultra-wealthy American families, such as JP Morgan and John D Rockefeller.